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Pick a quiet space that is free from sound and distractions. Select the type of listening device you'll be using, such as headphones, in-ear headphones, or simply your device's speaker. You will need to fill in your age and gender and can optionally include your name and email address.

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You will be exposed to various tones that will assess multiple aspects of your hearing. Adjust the digital slider based on how faint the sound is to your ears.

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Receive your online hearing test results in the form of an audiogram. This is a useful chart that showcases the various pitch and loudness levels that you're capable of hearing. This chart will easily show you if you have normal hearing, mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe, or profound hearing loss.

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While online hearing tests can help to provide you with basic guidance, there's no replacement for an audiological exam performed by a licensed hearing care professional. At GoToHearing, we can assist you with determining more accurate results, help answer questions about your type of hearing loss, and make expert suggestions on which hearing aid will best suit your lifestyle and budget. Schedule a visit with one of our top hearing care providers at GoToHearing today.

When engaging with our online hearing test, please rest assured that your private information won't be shared with any third parties. Please view our Privacy Policy. After taking your online hearing exam, if you choose to seek professional assistance from GoToHearing, one of our licensed hearing care providers will have access to your full audiogram results.