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Your Hearing Professionals

At GoToHearing, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for those experiencing hearing loss. This is why our experienced hearing care professionals are taking a life-long hearing wellness plan approach for all of our patients.

A Uniquely Tailored Approach

Each patient needs a unique approach that fits their needs. Our hearing care specialists at GoToHearing take the time to thoroughly diagnose and explain your hearing condition. We know that patient understanding is a necessary part of a greatly tailored wellness plan. Dealing with hearing loss shouldn't have to affect your quality of life. Our hearing care professionals will work alongside you to ensure that you're experiencing the best treatment possible for your condition.

While a customized treatment plan is necessary, preventative care is super important to prevent future issues. We take the time to assist you in learning tactics for proper hearing health and preventative care. Our hearing care specialists will evaluate your lifestyle and make suggestions about how to avoid long-term adverse effects on your hearing.

Christopher V. Campellone

Christopher V. Campellone

Provider – HADS000859

Danielle Campellone

Danielle Campellone

Office Manager-PCC

The Backbone of GoToHearing

Mr. Campellone is a licensed hearing aid specialist throughout Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to excel in the hearing care industry as a provider and patient advocate. He is dedicated to helping patients improve their hearing, and he firmly believes that every patient needs a personalized treatment program to be successful.

Mr. Campellone has a long record of accommodations throughout his hearing care career. He was an Advanced Hearing Care Practitioner and a Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner at Beltone. He has even won the Master Trainer Coach Award at Hearing Life. By spending so much time in the industry, Mr. Campellone has gained exuberant experience in hearing and patient care.

Hearing Care Providers On A Mission

The Campellone's have received many honors over the years for their exemplary efforts to enhance their patient's hearing. In 2015, they received Beltone's Rookie of the Year award. In the following year, the Campellone's received the Beltone Growth award due to their exemplary expansion efforts across the state of Georgia.

In 2018, the Campellone's were honored to receive both the Team Heart award and President's Club award from Hearing Life. In 2019, Mr. Campellone was recognized as a Provider of the Year. The Campellone's also received the Marquis Who's Who in America and the President Club Recipient from Hearing Life in 2020.

Apart from being dedicated to their work, the Campellone's are also highly active in their community. They served as co-presidents for the West Hall Wrestling Club. They have many professional affiliations, including ASHAA, the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, Audiology Online, the International Hearing Society, the Georgia Hearing Society, The Hearing Loss Association of America, and The American Tinnitus Association.

Tristan Campellone

Tristan Campellone


Tristan is a graduate of West Hall High School currently attending training with the International Hearing Society to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist. He presently assists and trains in the office with tympanometry, video otoscopy, check and cleaning of hearing aids as well as hearing evaluations. We look forward to him passing his board exams and receiving his license in the summer of 2023.